The Ballett Theater Basel stands for contemporary dance and is one of Europe's top class. The dancers are masters of the classical ballet vocabulary as well as modern dance languages and combine the highest level of dance with virtuoso dynamics and playful expressiveness. Our dance section celebrates great successes in Switzerland and abroad with both narrative story ballets and abstract, contemporary pieces. We regularly invite internationally renowned guest choreographers such as Sharon Eyal, Hofesh Shechter, Alexander Ekman, Johan Inger and others. In addition, there are pieces by Richard Wherlock himself, who has directed the company since 2001. Next season 22/23 will be Wherlock's 22nd and last season as artistic director and chief choreographer of Ballett Theater Basel. We can expect a total of more performances than ever before! With 5 new ballet evenings, 3 revivals and a total of 10 guest choreographers, we can look forward to a great fireworks display!

New productions and revivals

On the big stage we present two classics of the ballet canon: 'Giselle' by Pontus Lidberg and 'Coppélia' by Edward Clug. Alongside these new creations, Richard Wherlock's 'Heidi' can also be seen there as a revival from 21/22 - his last major production for Ballett Theater Basel. Wherlock's chamber ballet 'Empty Thrones' will be revived on the small stage. A highlight on the big stage will be the cult piece 'Grand Finale' by shooting star Hofesh Shechter, a revival from 20/21. And contemporary abstract dance will not be neglected: in 'Imbalanced Parallels', two young choreography teams will present their impulsive pieces on the small stage, and the Schauspielhaus stage will be shaken up by the enfant terrible of the ballet world, Alexander Ekman, with his piece 'FIT', as well as with a new creation by Andonis Foniadakis ('Explosiv!'). For the first time in the 22/23 season, there is also a family piece from the ballet: 'Ciao Ciao' by none other than the multi-artist Martin Zimmermann.


Premieres 22/23

Resumptions 22/23

In spring 2023, the Foyer Public and the Ballet will join forces for the Danse Public.


1 hour, 1 artist, 1 classic
«Limitations reveal the master.» Goethe

Hamlet, Käthchen, Othello, Medea. Theater Basel is taking its educational mission seriously. Every month we will be performing a different work of the classical canon. On a specially designed small stage in the foyer. The run time is one hour. Budget-friendly admission. The theatre, ballet and opera departments are also involved in this cross-disciplinary project. Revolving around the most fundamental of all theatre questions: What has it got to do with me?


Debates, discourses, readings, performances, intimate concerts. Theater Basel invites everyone to come along and discuss current issues or experience the talents of in-house or visiting artists on the corner stage of the theatre café.


Transition fund for dancers

Ballet Direction

Project Management/Production Management

  • Anne-CatherineThomas (Director)
  • Lynn Lange


Ballet Master:in / Choreographic Assistance

  • Cristiana Sciabordi
  • Fernando Carrión Caballero


  • Maria Bugova


  • Tommaso Pennacchio


Musical direction


Lighting design