The Foyer Public will also be taking a summer break from 24 June. On 20 August, the summer foyer on Theaterplatz will open with sunshine and shady seating for everyone.

The foyer of Theater Basel is a public urban space!

Here, anyone who wants to, can sit together, play, read, chill, dance, work or simply be there. The space invites you to a wide variety of activities, is free of consumption and open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00.

Feel welcome everywhere. Use the stages, the open spaces, the workshop rooms, the workplaces, the branch of the GGG public library, the sofa groups, the children's corner and much more.

  • Foyer Public: Tue-Sun 11:00-18:00 hrs
  • Theatre café: Tue-Sat 09:00-21:00, Sun 11:00-21:00

Whatever you intend to do, please...

  • Be considerate of other users.
  • Do not ask for money for your activities.
  • Leave the room as you found it.

You may consume your own food and drink in the Public Foyer at any time. Only alcoholic beverages have to be purchased at the theatre café.

Please contact our AskMe staff with further ideas and questions.

The Foyer Public is an urban space under the roof of the theatre for general use.

It is located in the foyer of the Theater Basel.

Daily, except Mondays, from 11:00 to 18:00.

The Theater Basel would like to make this very large and beautiful space available to everyone.

You can use it as a meeting place or for activities, read or knit there or simply do nothing. You just have to be considerate of others.

Sometimes. In December, for example, there is the Advent calendar every day. But most events are in the evening, when the Foyer Public is closed.

This season, the project space Alte Billettkasse will become a collaborative space for theatrical and performative experiments. More

Yes, at the very top of the Foyer Public there is a theatre café with access to the square by the Elisabethenkirche.

No. The Foyer Public is consumption-free and does not charge admission.

You can consume your own food and drink in the Public Foyer at any time. Only alcoholic beverages are available in the theatre café.

Yes, it is free of charge. You register with your telephone number.

Yes, there are power sockets and workstations. There is also a lockable mobile phone charging station.

Yes. Approximately 1,000 books on theatre, opera, ballet as well as classics, current affairs, novels and much more are waiting to be borrowed and read on site in the library of the Foyer Public. If you have any questions about using the library, you can contact our AskMe staff or the customer service of the GGG Stadtbibliothek.

Customer Service GGG City Library:
+41 (0)61 264 11 11

Very much so and at any time! There is also a special children's corner with lots of games and books. And every Wednesday at 15:00 is children's afternoon in the Foyer Public! With dance workshops, magic shows, stage fights, sound journeys and more. More

Unfortunately, animals are not allowed in the Foyer Public, with the exception of guide dogs and therapy dogs.

Yes, if you are flexible about the location, you are welcome to meet here regularly.

Yes, there is an entrance from Theaterplatz and an entrance behind the Elisabethenkirche. So you can get from the station to the city and vice versa through the Foyer Public.

Our AskMe staff on site or by email at

At Danse Public, the focus is entirely on the body and dance. Open to all: beginners and advanced.


We have a public theatre café, right upstairs in the foyer, just behind the Elisabethenkirche. All information about services and opening hours can be found on the Theatre Café page.



  • Anja Adam, Patrick Oes (Co-directors Theatre Public)
  • Daniel Wernli (Project Management)
  • Sophia Kruspan (Internship)


If you have any questions, you can contact our AskMe staff directly.

+41 (0)61 295 14 80

With the kind support of:

  • GGG Benevol
  • GGG Basel City Library
  • BAK Federal Office of Culture
  • Schöpflin Foundation and Werkraum Schöpflin


Ten Basel cultural institutions have joined forces within walking distance of the 'Theaterplatz-Quartier'. Theatre Basel is part of it. The Theaterplatz Day takes place every first Thursday of the month: Programme of the various institutions and cosy get-together. From 4 May, there will also be many trees on Theaterplatz. The mobile forest is an initiative of the Theaterplatz-Quartier to give reasons and an invitation to the population to linger.