The theatre clubs are Basel's theatre for everyone who wants to take part themselves. Six play clubs from all sections are aimed at all age groups. Almost all the play clubs run for a year and end with a performance on one of Theater Basel's stages. At the Neuschneetreffen, the Spielleiter:innen provide information about courses, workshops, clubs and opportunities to get involved.

Anyone who wants to play theatre in Basel can do so at Theater Basel in the play clubs.

The play clubs have been in existence for over 20 years and are run as a whole by Martin Frank, who has accompanied and supported several generations of actors in their first steps on stage. Here we live a cherished tradition that new people can always join, while others have been with us for many years.

This season there will be six play clubs: Opportunities to participate in opera, drama, dance in theatre ensembles for beginners and for experienced amateur performers, but also back-stage clubs where plays are read and where people reflect on theatre. And there is the band, where music for the stage is created. If you are between 6 and 25 years old, this is your place to play a role in the theatre world. Everyone:r is welcome - with and without play experience, with and without cognitive or physical impairment - the pleasure of playing theatre comes first! Almost all play clubs run for a year. The groups grow together into ensembles in intensive rehearsals and conclude with performances on one of the theatre's stages.

The Neuschneetreffen takes place once per year. At his occasion, the instructors provide information about various courses, workshops, clubs and opportunities to take part in the upcoming season.

The Neuschneetreffen 2023 takes place on Wednesday, 30 August 2023.

  • at 5 pm. for children
  • at 6 pm. for teenagers

Registrations can be placed with:
Martin Frank
+41 (0)61 295 14 76

  • Theatre clubs for children: CHF 350.-
  • Theatre clubs for teenagers and adults: CHF 600.-

Registration via:
Martin Frank
+41 (0)61 295 14 76

Membership of our theatre clubs is associated with heavily discounted tickets. These apply exclusively to the ensemble of the play clubs. For performances on the Small Stage or in the Playhouse the ticket price is CHF 5, for performances on the Big Stage CHF 10.

Theatre club Productions 22/23

  • Kimon Barakos
  • Robert Baranowski
  • Dominik Blumer
  • Martin Frank
  • Francesca Genovese
  • Béatrice Goetz
  • Eva Gruner
  • Salomé Im Hof
  • Patrick Oes
  • Téné Ouelgo
  • Silvan Rechsteiner
  • Juliane Schwerdtner
  • Sarah Speiser
  • Sonja Speiser