Four initiatives are fully committed to Theater Basel

Over 4,000 people are active here. They support the theatre as a whole or only individual departments, they attend performances together and even go on trips.

Discover more about the four ways in which you can get involved with Theater Basel.


Theater Basel has been organised as a collective since 1921. As a member of the Theatergenossenschaft you more actively involves in the theatre’s work than others. At the AGM, you will receive details directly from the theatre management about artistic backgrounds and be provided with information on balance sheets, income statements and visitor statistics, besides being able to voice your own opinion. You also have the opportunity to look behind the scenes and will receive two vouchers a year for a trip to the theatre, each worth a maximum of CHF 50.


Become a member

Annual fees:

CHF 150 per person
CHF 100 for AHV recipients
CHF 50 for people below the age of 25
CHF 500 for legal entities

Declaration of membership

Declaration of membership

Declaration of membership

Nutzen Sie dieses Formular um bei der Theatergenossenschaft beizutreten.

Theaterverein Basel

Theatre enthusiasts founded the Theaterverein Basel 106 years ago. Today, we have about a thousand members who are totally committed to Theater Basel. The Theaterverein supports one play and several education projects each season.

In the 20/21 season, we are supporting the opera ‹Saint François d’Assise› as well as Sunday afternoon childcare, which allows parents to enjoy a relaxed trip to the theatre. As a member, you will receive a subscription specially compiled for the Theaterverein as well as discounted tickets for individual performances. Further, you will be invited to exclusive special events.

This season we plan to experience a rehearsal of ‹Saint François d’Assise›, including a talk with the new artistic director and director of the opera, Benedikt von Peter. Moreover, we will get to know the four members of the new direction of theatre.


St. Alban-Vorstadt 70
CH-4052 Basel

+41 (0)61 601 94 14

Become a member

Annual fee: 

CHF 150 per person


The Regionale Interessengemeinschaft (RIG) was founded in 1993 as an association. The aim was to better embed the three-section theatre Theater Basel in the local community beyond the borders of Basel-Stadt. Demands for budget cuts at that time were the reason for establishing the association. The RIG advocated a financing model that included the surrounding areas inside and outside Switzerland more.
In the meantime, the RIG has developed into a community of committed theatre enthusiasts who support Theater Basel within the bounds of their capability.
We accompany theatre professionals in the fields of opera, theatre and ballet in Basel and also think outside the box. Particularly popular are the meetings and discussions with the dramaturges, actors and directors.
The programme also includes group excursions to other theatres at home and abroad as well as theatre trips.


RIG Theater Basel
Sekretariat Hedwig Inwyler
Sevogelstrasse 104
CH-4052 Basel

+41 (0)61 681 45 00

Become a member

Annual fees:
CHF 100 per person
CHF 140 per couple
CHF 300 for legal entities

Basler Ballett Gilde

The Basler Ballett Gilde (bbg) was founded in 1982. Its aims are to promote interest in both the Ballett Theater Basel ensemble and in ballet as an art form.
At the welcome apéro in the theatre, bbg members meet the dancers; Richard Wherlock provides first-hand information about the upcoming season. Further, you will also have the opportunity to attend a stage rehearsal for each new ballet performance and gain some amazing insights behind the scenes.
The bbg contributes to artistic projects of Ballett Basel financially and idealistically, e.g. the anniversary evening ‹Ballett auf allen Bühnen› in March 2021. The bbg also supports individual dancers in transition projects, i.e. professional reorientation after an active stage career.


Basler Ballett Gilde (bbg)
Postfach 162
CH-4010 Basel

Become a member

Annual fees:
CHF 30 for Reverence U30
CHF 90 for Pirouette
CHF 130 for Pas de Deux
CHF 250 for Arabesque

Die Voyeure

Junge Menschen, die sich für Theater interessieren, gerne hinter die Kulissen blicken und die Macher*innen kennenlernen möchten, finden hier Anschluss. Gemeinsam wird Theater geschaut und diskutiert.

Einmal wöchentlich werden Veranstaltungen besucht und die Gruppe tauscht sich über das Gesehene aus. Gespräche mit Regisseur*innen, Schauspieler*innen, Tänzer*innen und anderen Expert*innen sind auch auf dem Programm.


Die Voyeure haben über die ganze Schweiz verteilt Gruppen – bestimmt auch in deiner Nähe.


3. September 2020 bis 24. Juni 2021 (späterer Einstieg möglich)


immer donnerstags

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Saisonstart: DO 3. September 2020 am Theaterfestival
Voyeure Basel-Weekend: Ort &Termin noch unklar
Voyeure-Städtetreffen in Genf: Termin noch unklar


Katharina Wiss, Nele Gittermann


CHF 300.- (inkl. Eintritte)