Verwandlung - Teshigawara

By Saburo Teshigawara
Original compositions by Tim Wright and Saburo Teshigawara, as well as music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sergei Rachmaninoff and others

Resumption 17.10.2024

  • Szene aus ‹Verwandlung – Teshigawara›
    © Julian Mommert
  • Szene aus ‹Verwandlung – Teshigawara›
    © Julian Mommert
  • Szene aus ‹Verwandlung – Teshigawara›
    © Julian Mommert

  • Only 5 performances
  • 2 hours with intermission
  • Interesting for people from 10+

A poetic and existential two-act play

In an impressive interplay of light, sound, dance and body, the two-act piece 'Verwandlung - Teshigawara' reveals what makes us human and holds us together at our core. A unique and moving experience. The complete artist Saburo Teshigawara has been honoured with numerous prizes and awards, including the Nobel Prize for Art, the Praemium Imperiale of the Japanese Imperial Family and the Golden Lion of the Venice Biennale for his life's work.

With Teshigawara, the humanity of the dancers always takes centre stage... Dynamic and breathtaking... a privilege for the city.

Basler Zeitung


In 'Like a Human', the musical palette ranges from baroque and Mozart to Rachmaninov and Chesnokov, but at no point does it seem arbitrary. Music and dance do not simply accompany each other here, they merge in a perfection that is rarely seen.
Teshigawara's choreographies live from the individual moment, from the individual movement and gesture and their effect on the audience. No grand stories are told; the movement of the dancers in the now, in space, in time, in light and in sound is the central element of his choreographies. For those who recognise this, 'Metamorphose' and 'Like a Human' reveal a completely new world of movement qualities.
Basler Zeitung
It is hesitation, doubt and decision-making that Teshigawara wants to explore in this work. And it succeeds: the dancers embody these mental processes so explicitly through their movements that they can be empathised with from the audience seats.
BZ Basel
'Verwandlung - Teshigawara' is an impressive evening (...), and has become a visual, artistic and spiritual delight for most people.
Dance Network
One leaves the theatre with a deep understanding of the imperfection of human existence. And that is far more than one had expected.
Online flags
The dancers of Ballett Basel grow beyond themselves (in 'Like a Human'). They don't embody their characters, they are them. Each one is a character with very specific movement quirks.
Much develops from the vertical, which is emphasised by her floor-length, shimmering satin-black dress and dark coat. The lighting direction emphasises the hands, which often perform very fast movements, and the faces. The light sometimes separates the two, sometimes brings them together in a shared space. The main focus is on the dramatic, almost elegiac expression. For Teshigawara, it is not about dancing, but about expressing the essence (...).
Badische Zeitung
The two-part evening ends with the visualisation of wonderfully selected music from Corelli and Albinoni to Mozart and Rachmaninov. The performance rightly earned frenetic applause at the premiere.
Biel-Benkemer Dorf-Zytig

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