Theater Basel is the home of the Basel Company. The name ‹Basel Company› stands for our deep attachment to the city of Basel and a collaborative theatre practice. We bring a wide range of works, materials and texts to the stage, both historical and contemporary. What happened, how did it happen and what does it all have to do with me: welcome to drama and speculation on all the stages.

1 hour, 1 artist, 1 classic
«Limitations reveal the master.» Goethe

Hamlet, Käthchen, Othello, Medea. The theatre department is taking its educational mission seriously. Every month we will be performing a different work of the classical canon. Reworked as a solo performance. On a specially designed small stage in the foyer. The run time is one hour. Budget-friendly admission. Bei dem spartenübergreifenden The ballet and opera departments are also involved in this cross-disciplinary project within the framework of ‹Klassikermaschine spezial›. Revolving around the most fundamental of all theatre questions: What has it got to do with me?

The night café is legendary. Its new home after 14 November 2020 will be in the recently opened theatre café. Surprise formats of all kinds perform on the newly installed café stage. Every 3rd Friday of the month. At eleven in the evening. Dance, performance, music or show.

Short performances, long nights

Everything that we always wanted to do. Karaoke comedy or favourite films. Tea dance or trash performance. Homesick evening or poetry reading. The B formats are the place for hidden talents, urgent ideas and artistic solo efforts of charismatic individuals that we call ensemble. Insiders know it: true musical gems are often found on the B-side of a 45. The B formats are, so to speak, the ‘flip side’ of the theatre vinyl. We regularly combine several B formats into one spectacle.

Nach einem Jahr Pause ist das Abo Français zurück – als Abo Romand! Wir haben dem Théâtre de Vidy in Lausanne Carte blanche gegeben. Am Schnittpunkt verschiedener europäischer Theaterkulturen produziert, koproduziert und veranstaltet das Lausanner Produktionshaus Theater- und Tanzaufführungen von Schweizer und internationalen Künstler*innen. Das Vidy-Team hat vier französischsprachige Theaterstücke ausgewählt, die über die Saison verteilt als Gastspiele zu sehen sind. Alle mit deutschen Übertiteln!


Abo bestellen

Ensemble Schauspiel

Premieren 21/22

Wiederaufnahmen 21/22



  • Anja Dirks
  • Michael Gmaj
  • Matthias Günther (Gast)
  • Sandra Küpper (Gast)
  • Kris Merken
  • Angela Osthoff
  • Inga Schonlau
  • Scott Shepherd (Gast)


  • Lena Lappat


  • Franz Broich
  • Jennifer Muangsiri
  • Louisa Raspé
  • Lea Röschmann





Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler


  • Nikèn Dewers
  • Marc Scheufen
  • Flurina Schlegel


  • Ana Castaño Almendral
  • Agnes Mathis


  • Katja Reinke


  • Jean-Pierre Bitterli
  • Martin Buck
  • Arthur Kimmerle
  • Thomas Kolbe
  • N.N.