20 Jahre Ballettdirektor Richard Wherlock


Ballett Theater Basel stands for contemporary dance and is one of the best professional dance groups in Europe. The dancers are masters of classical ballet as well as modern dance and combine the highest level of dance performance with artistic dynamics and playful expressiveness. Our dance department celebrates huge success at home and abroad with narrative ballets and abstract, contemporary works. We regularly invite internationally renowned guest choreographers, such as Sharon Eyal, Hofesh Shechter, Alexander Ekman and Johan Inger, to Theater Basel. At the centre of the company’s artistic work is ballet director Richard Wherlock, who has been head of the dance department at Theater Basel for over twenty years.

Broschüre: Ballett Theater Basel 21/22

Premieren 21/22

La fille mal gardée Ballett

01.11. – 25.06.
16 Events, 12+

Ballet subscription

A ballet subscription is well worth the money. You save up to 20%.

Over the summer of 2020 we will only be selling subscriptions. This allows forward-thinking theatre-goers to secure their seats and tickets for the 20/21 season. ATo see an overview of all subscriptions, click here

Wiederaufnahmen 21/22

Marcos Morau / Sharon Eyal Ballett

20.03. – 22.06.
9 Events, 10+



1 hour, 1 artist, 1 classic
«Limitations reveal the master.» Goethe

Hamlet, Käthchen, Othello, Medea. The theatre department is taking its educational mission seriously. Every month we will be performing a different work of the classical canon. Reworked as a solo performance. On a specially designed small stage in the foyer. The run time is one hour. Budget-friendly admission. The ballet and opera departments are also involved in this cross-disciplinary project within the framework of ‹Klassikermaschine spezial›. Revolving around the most fundamental of all theatre questions: What has it got to do with me?

Night café

The night café is legendary. Its new home after 14 November 2020 will be in the recently opened theatre café. Surprise formats of all kinds perform on the newly installed café stage. Every 3rd Friday of the month. At eleven in the evening. Dance, performance, music or show.

Vor und nach der Karriere

Ballettschule Transitionsfonds für Tänzer*innen

Team Ballett


Projektleitung / Produktionsmanagement


Ballettmeister*in / Choreographische Assistenz

  • Cristiana Sciabordi
  • Manuel Renard


  • Rita Vizvàriovà


  • Tommaso Pennacchio


  • Bryan Arias
  • Stijn Celis
  • Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
  • Alexander Ekman
  • Johan Inger
  • Muhammed Kaltuk
  • Pontus Lidberg
  • Hofesh Shechter
  • Richard Wherlock
  • Ed Wubbe

Musikalische Leitung

  • Thomas Herzog
  • Johannes Keller
  • Andrea Marcon
  • Alexander Mayer
  • Benjamin Pope
  • Ariel Zuckermann


  • Patrick Bogardh
  • Zaria Forman
  • Bruce French
  • Francesca Messori
  • Rachel Quarmby-Spadiccini
  • Tom Scutt
  • Hofesh Shechter


  • Patrick Bogardh
  • Peter Lundin
  • Jordan Tuinman
  • Tom Visser


  • Keith Jarrett
  • Hofesh Shechter
  • Max Zachrisson



  • Jean-Pierre Bitterli
  • Martin Buck
  • Thomas Kolbe
  • Arthur Kimmerle
  • N.N.


  • Robert Keller (Leiter Statisterie)


  • Robert Keller


  • Michael Rath (Bibliothekar)