From Lucien Haug to Sophocles

Premiere 08.09.2023

  • Eine Szene aus Antigone
    © Ingo Höhn
  • Eine Szene aus Antigone
    © Ingo Höhn
  • Eine Szene aus Antigone
    © Ingo Höhn
  • Eine Szene aus Antigone
    © Ingo Höhn

  • Premiere
  • 1 hour 45 minutes without intermission
  • Interesting for people from 13+
  • Mit deutschen Übertiteln
  • With English surtitles (except for the premiere)

A tragedy based on Sophocles in a version in Swiss German by Lucien Haug

Antigone contradicts. Her brother died on the battlefield as a traitor. King Creon refuses to pay him his last respects. Antigone rebels against the law, the new ruler and in the end against everyone. Antigone and Creon, that is Vera Flück and Sven Schelker. Together they are trapped in an arena, surrounded by numerous voices from their city. They renegotiate the age-old conflict, playing all the roles themselves, from messenger to king, in order to get to the heart of the tragedy.

Ancient Greek drama is a dialogue between the main characters and the chorus, between the citizens and their tragic heroines. After the success of 'Onkel Wanja' in Swiss German, Antú Romero Nunes invites a chorus of people from Basel to the Schauspielhaus. Together with the two players, they tell the myth of Antigone in Basel and Bernese dialect for the first time.

On 22 and 23 September, 'Antigone in the Amazon' by Milo Rau can be seen at the Kaserne Basel. The celebrated co-production of the Stadstheater Gent and the landless movement MST will give its guest performance in Basel after stops at the Wiener Festwochen and the Festival d'Avignon. More

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  • Antigone, Wächter, Haimon, Teiresias –
  • Kreon, Ismene –
  • Chor der Bürger:innen
  • Statisterie Theater Basel

This Antigone is set in antiquity and the present at the same time, in Thebes and in Basel and Bern, and as confusing as that may sound: it works and is fun. (...) An ancient tragedy has not seemed so refreshingly authentic for a long time.

Basler Zeitung

A very informal production, with a lot of humour and allusions to city life. This is real full-blooded theatre. (...) Vera Flück gives Antigone an urgency, the radical attitude of a young generation, perhaps a last generation, that stands up against the law in the name of something higher, greater.

SRF 1 / Regionaljournal

The strength of the production remains the entertaining conveyance of the multi-layered material. The tension holds out without wasting away. Vera Flück plays Antigone as an honest skin that arouses fear and amazement. Her creative playfulness fills the stage.


Vera Flück gives Antigone, her fiancé Haimon, a guard and the seer Teiresias. Sven Schelker plays King Creon and Antigone's sister Ismene. The two are magnificent. Staged by Antu Romero Nunes, who can conjure up tensions, relationships and developments between characters on stage, they carry the evening.


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