Moby Dick - das Solo

After Herman Melville

Last performance 07.06.2024

  • © Ingo Hoehn

  • 2 hours without an intermission
  • Age recommendation: 12+
  • With English subtitles

A classic of world literature as an intoxicating spectacle

Captain Ahab obsessively pursues the urge to take revenge on the giant white sperm whale that has torn off his leg. The first person to sight Moby Dick receives a gold coin. The men who earn their living whaling fall under the spell of the charismatic shipmaster and become more and more part of Ahab's mania for revenge.

The production was originally shown in Hamburg from 2013 with a cast of eight. The co-acting directors Antú Romero Nunes and Jörg Pohl restaged what was for them a groundbreaking collaboration under pandemic conditions into a solo.

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One ship, one crew, one whale, one world - one man. A colour doctrine, an ideology of conquest, a death wish, a mass madness. A bloody craft, a rebellion against one's own allegiance to nature, a working day on board, a competitive clamour of nations - one man. Call him Jörg Pohl. Wow! Normally you wait until the end to applaud, but the Basel Moby Dick solo is definitely one of the theatre events that will be remembered.
Pohl fights his way through storms and the interpersonal conflicts, lays into the oars of the dinghies, slaughters one whale after another. The boats, the animals and everything else have to be imagined. The only things the multi-protagonist can use on the vast empty stage are spray bottles with water or blood (which he occasionally empties over himself from full cauldrons), a wind machine and a fog machine. It is impressive what energy the soloist displays.
BZ Basel

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