Wer bremst, bleibt

By Silvan Rechsteiner

Premiere 05.02.2025

  • Inszenierung – Patricija Katica Bronić

  • World premiere
  • Interesting for people aged 12+

The switches and confusion of a train conductor

Bruno wants to become an actor. The careers counsellor advises him to join the railway. Three years later, he is passionately checking brakes, checking tickets and speaking through the loudspeakers late at night: "This is what I want!" But between the eternally same railway stations, Bruno always encounters the same pale faces travelling through with their fates in their luggage. Who is Bruno travelling with? Has Bruno landed on the wrong stage? Silvan Rechsteiner, himself a former train conductor and in-house playwright at Theater Basel in the 23/24 season, wrote the play. Director Patricija Katica Bronić sets the course for a melancholy, funny and touching evening.