Little Ice Age

By Marthe Meinhold and Marius Schötz

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  • Eine Szene aus Little Ice Age
    © Lucia Hunziker
  • Eine Szene aus Little Ice Age
    © Lucia Hunziker
  • Eine Szene aus Little Ice Age
    © Lucia Hunziker
  • Eine Szene aus Little Ice Age
    © Lucia Hunziker
  • 1 hour 45 minutes without an intermission
  • Interesting for people from 10+
  • Premiere

A play with many songs about a past climate crisis.

A small group meets in the museum in front of Hendrick Avercamp's 'Winter Landscape' from 1608. It shows an entire society enjoying itself on the ice. Even then, during the so-called Little Ice Age, the climate changed. It became two degrees colder on average. Dramatic social changes were the result: the modern world came into being.
The people in the museum identify with this past climate crisis. They get involved in historical stage situations that still have something to tell us today: Peasants rehearse the uprising. Alchemists try their hand at science. Castle maidens fall victim to the romantic tales that were new at the time. With the witches, a direct approach to nature disappears. Speculators invented efficiency and capitalism.
What can we learn from history? Mankind's response to the changes of the Little Ice Age was to subjugate nature. Can we choose a different path in today's climate crisis and perhaps listen to the birds again?
The directing duo Marthe Meinhold and Marius Schötz return to Theater Basel after 'Das Narrenschiff'. This time they tell an urgent topic of today from a historical perspective with a lot of playfulness and humour. Marius Schötz has once again written a number of songs for the actors, accompanied live on the harpsichord by Jia Lim.

Following the performances on 29 September and 4 November, there will be a post-show discussion in the foyer of the Kleine Bühne. (In German)

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Barbara Colceriu darf einen saufenden Hirten nach Liebe schmachten lassen und wieder zeigen, was für eine tolle Sängerin sie ist. Josefin Fischer läuft sich warm, nachdem sie die görenhafte Museumsbesucherin ablegen durfte, und bekommt ein grosses Solo als aufgedrehter Homunculus auf der Suche nach seinem Meister. Andrea Bettini hat mit seiner Präsenz das Publikum mit den ersten Tönen eines Paolo-Conte-Verschnitts über die inakzeptablen Verhältnisse am Wickel. Julian Anatol Schneider springt vielseitig von Rolle zu Rolle und darf sich wundern, wie lustig es bleibt, wenn oben ausgepolsterte Männer Frauenperücken anziehen.

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New Year's Eve 23/24
Opera, Drama

Of course, we have lots of theatre on New Year's Eve: Rossini's opera 'Der Barbier von Sevilla', Shakespeare's 'Ein Sommernachtstraum' and the climate drama 'Little Ice Age'. The New Year's Eve party is included with the tickets for these performances - and there's also a complimentary toast!

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