Julian Anatol
Schneider Actor

Der Schauspieler vom Ensemble des Theater Basel Julian Anatol Schneider
© Christian Knörr

Julian Anatol Schneider was born in Basel in 1993. It was here that he first encountered the stage at the Junges Theater Basel. His first production, 'Punk Rock' (directed by Sebastian Nübling), was groundbreaking. While studying acting at the Bern University of the Arts, he appeared at the Lucerne Theatre, the Schauspielhaus Zurich, the Basel Theatre, the AUA-Wir leben Festival in Bern and the Zurich Festival. His first permanent engagement takes him to the Moks, the children's and youth section of the Bremen Theatre. After three and a half years with many enriching acquaintances, he returns to his home town, where he has been a company member at the Basel Theatre since the 20/21 season.
Here he has worked with Lola Arias, Philippe Quesne, Martin Laberenz, Sahar Rahimi, Marthe Meinhold and Marius Schötz, Franz Broich, Jörg Pohl and Antú Romero Nunes, Sebastian Nübling and Boris Nikitin. In the season 23/24, he can be seen in 'Little Ice Age' (directed by Marthe Meinhold and Marius Schötz), 'Ein Kafka-Projekt' (directed by Saar Magal) and 'Sommergäste' (directed by Stefan Pucher). Julian Anatol Schneider is also the winner of the Friedl Wald Foundation's sponsorship award. He has recently appeared as a narrator in the SRF/ARD-Radiotatort in the role of Emil.