Broich Direction

Franz Broich
© Christian Knörr

Franz Broich, born and raised in Berlin, gained his first experience as an actor and radio play narrator as a child and teenager. In 2019 he completed a directing and dramaturgy internship at the Deutsches Theater Berlin with René Pollesch and Anna Heesen in the play '(Life on earth can be sweet) Donna'. From the 20/21 to 22/23 season he worked at the Theater Basel as an assistant director in the play. Here he also gained his first experience as a writer and director, including the children's concert 'The Carnival of the Animals' on the Kleine Bühne and 'He, ich lass mich hier doch nicht kulturindustrialisieren: You paid for a lot of drinks!' at the Alte Billettkasse. In 22/23 he directed the world premiere of Michelle Steinbeck's 'Die beste aller Zeiten'. This season he guest-dramaturges 'Little Ice Age' and continues his work with the Basel Company as writer and director with 'Erpresso Macchiato'.