Fischer Actress

Josefin Fischer
© Christian Knörr

Josefin Fischer, born in 1997, works as a freelance actress, writer and director in Berlin. From 2014 she acted, wrote and directed at the Youth Theatre P14 of the Berliner Volksbühne. Among other things, she was a co-author and player in the play 'Core of Crisis', (directed by Elias Geissler, Leonie Volke), which was invited to the Theatertreffen der Jugend at the Berliner Festspiele in 2019. She was previously a prize-winner at the 2016 Treffen junger Autor:innen.
In 2019, she worked as a directing intern and was responsible for script/continuity on the set of the feature film 'Alle reden übers Wetter' by Annika Pinske, which was screened at the Berlinale 2022. For the last two years she has been acting in the production 'Die Gewehre der Frau Kathrin Angerer' by René Pollesch at the Berliner Volksbühne, which premiered at the Wiener Festwochen in 2021. She has worked repeatedly with the directors Bruno Brandes and Susann Neuenfeldt, among others.
In early 2023 she was a performer in Gob Squad's 'Is Anybody Home?' at the Berliner Volksbühne. Together with Elias Geissler she wrote the play 'No No One' in 2023, which was also shown at the Volksbühne Berlin and was invited to the Körber Studio junge Regie in the summer. She is currently a guest actress at Theater Freiburg and plays in the production 'Appropriate' directed by Peter Carp, among others. At Theater Basel she can be seen in the production 'Little Ice Age' directed by Marthe Meinhold and Marius Schötz.