Der Freischütz

Romantic Opera by Carl Maria von Weber
Text by Friedrich Kind

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  • © Ingo Höhn
  • © Ingo Höhn
  • © Ingo Höhn
  • © Ingo Höhn
  • © Ingo Höhn

  • 3 hours with one break
  • Interesting for people from 14+
  • In German language
  • Mit deutschen Übertiteln / with English surtitles

Wir müssen leider die letzte Vorstellung von der Oper ‹Der Freischütz› am 12.11.2023 um 18:30 Uhr ersatzlos absagen. Der Grund dafür sind Engpässe bei den Premierenvorbereitungen zu ‹Marie & Pierre›. Wir bedauern dies sehr. Karteninhaber:innen wird der Kartenwert gut geschrieben.

Between Wolfsschlucht and inn

A clubhouse near the forest. This is where the hunting community cultivates its old rituals: young hunter Max has to prove himself at the upcoming trial shooting. Only then can he marry his beloved Agathe. Max, however, has not scored a hit in weeks and is full of worry. Afraid of failing, he gets involved with dark forces. Hunterly romance, regulars' table conversations and club songs become the starting point for Christoph Marthaler's 'Freischütz'. A playful reinvention of the German Singspiel classic with an ensemble of actors and singers. Titus Engel conducts the Kammerorchester Basel.

A co-production with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

With Freischütz, Carl Maria von Weber made an incredible leap from classical music to early romantic music. That is, for him, harmonies and timbres in the orchestra are something to trigger emotions.

TItus Engel, Conductor

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There is a lot on offer for friends of wit and humour, but there is also a serious line that runs through to the finale. (...) One of Marthaler's best opera productions in years!
Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Marthaler has found his primal theme of the loneliness of men in the men's world of hunters' and marksmen's clubs, which he celebrates in his usual tragicomic way. His loyal stage and costume designer Anna Viebrock has once again created the appropriate setting for it. (...) It is a pleasure to follow the fates of the characters who have fallen out of time: from the celebrated soprano Nicole Chevalier as the coy bride to the antihero tenor Rolf Romei and the Mathaler veteran and great huntsman Ueli Jäggi.
Musically and scenically a very, very great recommendation.
SRF 2 Kultur
The best Freischütz of all. (...) Director Christoph Marthaler has always had a special relationship with Carl Maria von Weber's opera classic 'Der Freischütz'. He has now staged it sensationally in Basel. The journey is worthwhile.
Die Welt
The trumpeting Basel Chamber Orchestra under the grandiose direction of Titus Engel, the excellent choir of the Theater Basel under the proven direction of Michael Clark, and the unusual but successful choice of protagonists and supporting roles make the performance more than worth seeing.
There are few directors who manage to give black romance, with its devilish pacts and alchemy, a humorous punch. Christoph Marthaler is such a director.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
A contemporary 'Freischütz' combined with romantic music - that is not a contradiction, it really brings the drama of this opera to life.
Basler Zeitung
An opera production that is as entertaining as it is skilfully realised.