Premiere 05.03.2023

  • Premiere
  • Recommended age: 6+

A play that fails to agree with anything

What's that supposed to be? Why ‹argument›? And why 6+? Who says I'm a play at all? Hello?! Who wrote that over there on the left? Hello?! … And stop reading, it's so annoying. Leave me alone! And definitely don't read the thing about not reading! Just! Stop! Reading! All together! The next thing you know, you'll want to get a glimpse of me. Not a chance. Come up with your own play. Get out of here. Get lost! Read a different text. Go ahead and just think about anything you want. A lot of texts like that. Annoy them. Not me. Jetse Batelaan creates children's plays that delight audiences of all ages. Together with the Basel company, the multi-award-winning Dutch director has developed a light-hearted play about arguing.

Co-production with Theater Artemis