van Houwelingen Set designer

Neutraler Hintergrund
© Christian Knörr

We are Marloes van der Hoek and Wikke van Houwelingen. We work together, but we think separately. In this paradox lies our inspiration. We are always looking for images that cause friction since they do not fit together perfectly. If everything is fine, then something is wrong. We look for the beauty in the ugliness, the emptiness in the fullness, the content in the form, the inner world in the visible and the video clip in an old play. We like it when a stage set changes completely during the performance. We hope that the audience gets an idea of what we ourselves experience when we design something: A feeling of conquest. Spaces that need to be conquered awaken the spirit. In 2006, we simultaneously completed a Master's degree in scenography and have since been working with each other and with various directors and designers, mainly in the field of theatre. But we have also created installations for Centraal Museum and Nieuwe Intstituut and teach at various academies.