Piel Sound Design

Neutraler Hintergrund
© Christian Knörr

Toben Piel was born in 1980. He lives in Frankfurt am Main and works as a musician, performer and curator. The self-taught composer, who originally trained to be a nurse for the elderly, composes music for plays, radio plays and his own projects and productions. His interest in musical experiments, collaborative works and electronic sound productions is the basis of his interdisciplinary approach. Together with Charlotte Simon, Toben is one half of the music performance duo Les Trucs. They have been releasing tunes on international labels, playing concerts throughout Europe, Israel and Japan and developing their own full-length music theatre productions and performances since 2008. In addition to creating his own works, Toben collaborates with various directors and choreographers, including Meg Stuart, Philippe Quesne, Schorsch Kamerun, Hendrik Quast and Jetse Batelaan. For several years now, he has also been active as a curator and organiser of a wide array of musical formats in the Rhine-Main region.

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