Erpresso Macchiato

By and with: Elmira Bahrami, Franz Broich, Marie Löcker, Annika Meier

Premiere 12.04.2024

  • Inszenierung – Basler Compagnie

  • Premiere
  • Interesting for people from 16+

A fast-paced art heist spy comedy

An art heist in Basel calls three female agents to the scene. It is unclear what is actually theft, what is appropriation, what is quotation and what is original. And the agents may in fact be thieves or commissioners or even critics. A collective of players and lyricists from the Basler Compagnie transforms the genre of secret agent stories into post-dramatic fun. It is about the question of what a single person can change and what only the collective can overcome. Suddenly Marx is no longer far removed from the questions that arise when watching '007'! No! Yes!

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