By Anda Kryeziu after the film by Ingmar Bergman
Premiere 04.03.2023

  • Premiere
  • Recommended age: 12+

New music theatre about the unspeakable

Elisabet Vogler suddenly stops speaking from one day to the next. In the seclusion of a cottage by the sea, a young nurse named Alma takes care of Elisabet and does everything she can to get her speaking again. Ingmar Bergman's film is an enigmatic psychological drama about two women whose obsessive relationship causes the edges of their personalities to crumble. In their adaptation, composer Anda Kryeziu and director Caterina Cianfarini explore the limits of what can be said and the actual nature of human identity. Through the use of live electronics and sound alteration, the composition explores the processes of perception and the relationship between the body, technology and voice. This is the first ever musical theatre production of Theater Basel to be staged at Gare du Nord.

In cooperation with Gare du Nord, Bahnhof für Neue Musik