Agreement on wages in the ballet

Adjusted wage structure for the ballet

The management of Theater Basel and the Board of Directors of the Theatergenossenschaft Basel are pleased to have reached an agreement with the dancers of the Ballet on a wage increase and adjusted wage structures.

New wage structures

The already communicated increase of CHF 50/100/150 per month (depending on the year of experience) from 1 August 2023 continues to apply. Theatre Basel will now implement a further substantial wage increase of CHF 400 per month on average. At the same time, the theatre is introducing a greater differentiation of salaries according to years of experience, thus fulfilling a central and justified demand of the dancers. The average wage for the ballet ensemble will rise to around CHF 5,050 per month from August 2023, plus a 13th month's wage. Juniors and intern dancers are excluded.

In addition, Theater Basel will pay all dancers currently employed by Theater Basel a one-off and non-prejudicial special allowance of CHF 1,500 in recognition of their exceptional commitment in the current 22/23 season. All permanent dancers as well as juniors and intern dancers will receive this payment.

To finance part of these measures in the short term, the theatre is grateful to be able to draw on interest income from a bequest from a friend of the theatre.

The role of the unions

The entire ballet company is subject to the CLA of the social partners SBV/SzeneSchweiz. The UNIA represents the dancers exclusively in individual wage negotiations due to their membership.

Ongoing development process

The theatre management of Theater Basel and the Board of Directors state that they recognise the need to improve wage structures in the ballet. They had already initiated a process for change when Benedikt von Peter took over as artistic director about three years ago.

I know that our outstanding dancers put their heart and soul into their work for Theater Basel. I am pleased that we have found a solution that allows everyone to go into the next seasons motivated and working well together.

Benedikt von Peter

The Theatre Management (Basel, 12.06.2023)

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