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  • Weihnachtsbaum im Foyer
  • Kinderecke im Foyer Public
  • Kinderecke im Foyer Public
    © Ingo Hoehn
  • 03.12.2023, 11:00-17:30
  • For all children and their families
  • Foyer
  • Free admission

On 1 Advent, Theater Basel invites you to this year's Family Day in the Foyer Public! From 11:00 to 17:30, various departments and teams will be on site. Everything revolves around the opera production for families ‹Unter dem Meer›. In store: a photo shoot with costumes under water, numerous games and craft workshops, treasure hunts, pirate songs, an underwater landscape for babies, performances for children and so much more.

In partnership with the IWB.

The Foyer Public is also open on Family Day. The children's corner will be set up, the library's picture books will be available to look at and there will be plenty of space to bring your own Picnic. In addition, there are many extras that make the 1st Advent at Theater Basel a family day!

The Theatercafé in the foyer is also part of the family day and therefore offers portions especially for children on this day.

Photo shooting ‹Under Water›

A family photo under water! Grab bubbly fish, shiny blues, green scales, goggles, fins – and get into the water on the big dance floor. You won't get wet. Our photographer, Ingo Höhn, will take a bird's eye view of your swimming family picture on photo card. For family day memories or Christmas cards. Printed and digital, CHF 3.– per picture.

White water billiards

A mixture of billiards and mini-golf, peppered with theatre ambience. Manoeuvre the ball through the lake and sea course to the finish! Fame and glory await.

Nautilus' craft station

At the craft station you can choose: Will you build a floating pirate ship? Or an inflated balloon fish? Or will you fold an origami shoal? Or will you decorate your own mermaid crown? (Psst: Also suitable as a Christmas present).

Bubble baby corner

A loving underwater landscape for the very youngest. Glittery things to marvel at overhead, soft and scratchy things to explore in the prone position, tinkling things to listen to in their parents' arms. Suitable for babies up to crawling age.

Water bubble catches

Outside the door the shimmering soap bubbles are bubbling! Try to catch and admire as many as possible.

IWB quiz

In the IWB quiz you can put your knowledge of water, snow, fog and ice to the test. Delicious prizes await you. And as the grand prize, we'll be giving away 10 x 2 tickets to a performance of the production ‹Unter dem Meer›.

11:30am / 1:30pm / 3:30pm
Duration: 1 hour

Come with us on a guided tour of Theater Basel! Together we will stream like turtles through the many corridors, through doors, over stages and floors deep down to below the water table of Basel. These tours can also be attended without an accompanying adult turtle.

From 1:00pm
Duration: 30 minutes

Descend with us to the deepest part of the sea, the dark Mariana Trench. There you will find hidden, glowing, fluorescent pirate treasures. A game for brave divers of all ages.


Our tattoo station has sailor and sailwoman tattoos for the moment - not for eternity. But for that certain coolness factor. Pasted by Kay and Lilo from Team Maske.


Squeaky sea monsters, fluffy sea sheep, pearly shells, shimmering miniature fish and waving fantasy water plants: Create your own sea creatures with our illustrators for the ‹Aquarium Imaginarium› and for your own four walls.

1:00pm / 2:00pm / 3:00pm
Duration: 1 hour

In this movement workshop we will become water plants, seahorses and blue whales and swim through the sea. Afterwards we will start our own underwater party with the octopus DJ booth. For everyone who enjoys dance, movement and transformation.

From 1:30pm

The hit producers are ready and waiting! Together with them, you can compose your own pirate songs and sea shanties, sailor songs and roaring wave sounds and record them in the mobile recording studio right on site. No previous musical knowledge is necessary, ideas for your own songs are welcome.

From 1 to 23 December, we will open a door every day with surprise contributions. Also on Family Day. One thing is certain: the contribution will also take us under the sea. Everything else is a secret! If you want to know the night before what's in store for you in the 30-minute feature, you can register for our Messenger on the Foyer Public website and via the pop-up there. More

  • Foyer
  • 17:00-17:30
  • Free admission, we are collecting donations for our participation programme ‹Eins mehr›.

During the Family Day there will be performances on all three stages – and we recommend all of them for families! Children benefit from the 20/10 rate at Theater Basel and thus pay CHF 10 for performances on the Grosse Bühne and only CHF 5 for performances in Schauspielhaus and on Kleine Bühne.