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Weitere Informationen ab 1. April 2024

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  • Leitung: Téné Ouelgo
  • Es spielen 7 – 13-Jährige

Mit Musik, Bewegung und Sprache geht es hier um Fragen von Identität und Zugehörigkeit. Stampfend, schnipsend, summend und klatschend zelebrieren wir Gemeinschaft.

  • Tue 21.05.


  • Wed 22.05.


  • Thu 23.05.

  • Tue 28.05.

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The theatre clubs are for anyone who wants to be on stage themselves. Weekly rehearsals lead to performances on the small stage or in Galerie 7. At the Neuschneetreffen, anyone interested will receive information about the six play clubs, dates and our plans for the coming season.


The Neuschneetreffen takes place once a year. Here, all interested parties receive information about the theatre clubs and the most important dates for the coming season. The club leaders and current club members are also present at this meeting.

The Neuschneetreffen 2024 will take place on 29 August at 17:00 to 18:00.

Martin Frank
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