Peter Pan
Theater Public

Loosely based on J. M. Barrie

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  • Direction: Sarah Speiser
  • 8–13-year-old children play

The ‹Spielclub 2› ensemble dives into the adventurous fairytale world of Neverland. They are enchanted by Tinkerbell and fight against pirates. Not only Captain Hook is almost eaten by the crocodile, the ‹Lost Kids› also have to watch out for the voracious beast. The three London children are accepted into Peter Pan's gang and they all make friends with the warrior Tigerlilly, who will play an important role in the future. Wendy tells great stories that inspire everyone. She has big dreams for her future. However, the ‹Lost Kids› are on a secret mission against «adulthood» . Peter is fascinated by Wendy and vice versa. Who is standing in whose way of growing up? Nobody knows for sure. Staying a «kid» in any case. Adulthood is no fun after all – or does it have adventures planned for us?

With the kind support of Theaterverein Basel

  • Lars Berli
  • Adriana Capra
  • Ella Ebert
  • Marlo Ebert
  • Elisa Gohari
  • Ella Gugger
  • Finlay Hargreaves
  • Lily Hargreaves
  • Anna-Gloria Hauser
  • Lilly Hauser
  • Rona Iseni
  • Lilou Kury
  • Klara Kyvelos
  • Diego Locati
  • Lucia Mordiva
  • Giselle Pfeiffer
  • Jeanne Schubiger
  • Ella Spörndli
  • Florina Vriends


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