This page keeps you up-to-date with coronavirus guidance and information.

Dear guests

On 13 March 2020, Theater Basel was forced to close its doors due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since then people around the world have been getting used to a different way of interacting with each other, while avoiding direct contact, confined spaces and unnecessary travel. People now talk about easing back into a ‹new normality›. In a way, we have become used to this new kind of normal and are trying to return to a daily routine that makes our lives enjoyable. This also includes the theatre. A place where, according to its purpose, it is all about encountering, meeting and coming into contact with other people. Live on stage and metaphorically with the audience. 

We can finally welcome you back to Theater Basel on 9 October. We are delighted and cannot wait to perform for you again. To ensure it remains this way, we have put together a comprehensive protection plan for our three venues.

We are doing everything we can for the sake of your and our health and would be grateful if you would support us in this matter.

Here’s looking forward to an amazing 20/21 season together!

Protection plan

Mandatory masks & social distancing

We politely ask all our guests to wear a face mask or covering whilst in the theatre. Apart from the performers on stage, all employees of Theater Basel must also wear a face mask at all times. Children aged 12 and over are legally obliged to wear a face mask or covering.

Whenever possible, always keep a safe distance to other guests.

Ticketing & registration

Tickets go on sale to the general public on 1 September 2020. Until further notice, we only plan to sell tickets for the following month, either online, by phone or via email. Even for events offering free admission, we politely ask you to register in the ticket shop and to get a free ticket. This way, we can know for sure how many people are planning to attend.

We will ask for your details when you purchase a ticket. Unless otherwise agreed with you, this data will only be used for information concerning Covid 19.

Chessboard & sectors

The number of seats in our three venues has been reduced: We now offer single and double seats. There is always a free space between the various seats. Further, all the venues have been split into 100 seat sectors.

You can only enter and exit the venue at the level of your prescribed seat (Grosse and Kleine Bühne) or via separate stairs (Schauspielhaus).

Your entrance tickets will be scanned contactless at the foyer doors (Schauspielhaus) and the auditorium doors (Grosse Bühne and Kleine Bühne). Please have your ticket ready for scanning so as not to cause delays.

Hygiene & ventilation

Our theatre and our three venues will be cleaned at regular intervals: We will routinely disinfect armrests, door handles, railings, toilet facilities, floors, stairs and shelves.

Our theatre buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art and efficient ventilating systems. They extract used air and supply fresh air from the outside.

We also insist on: Regularly washing and/or disinfecting hands. Dispensers filled with disinfectant are located around the theatre.


We recommend that you do not bring larger items with you to the theatre. However, if you still need to bring along certain items, you can store jackets, coats and bags in the lockers in the basement of the Schauspielhaus (CHF 2 deposit). During performances at the Grosse and Kleine Bühne items can be taken into the auditorium and placed on the empty seats next to you.


Whenever possible, the theatre restaurant will be open before the performance and during the intervals. We politely ask you to take your food and drinks to the designated areas and to keep a safe distance to other guests.

Cashless & contactless

Please note that currently the preferred method of payment at Theater Basel is by card. Use a bank card to pay at the box office, the bookstall and the theatre restaurant.


Have there been any cases of Covid 19 at Theater Basel?

Since the outbreak of the pandemic there have been six suspected cases at Theater Basel. However, all the test results came back negative. Theater Basel was the first theatre in Switzerland to close its doors and on 10 August it declared the mandatory wearing of face masks for all its employees.

Can I purchase a programme before the performance?

Yes. Programmes can be purchased in our ticket shop when buying your tickets. They are available from the day of the premiere.If you have a voucher, you can also can pick up a programme at the ticket office or bookstall. The bookstall is located on the first floor of the Schauspielhaus. Please be aware that payment here is also by card only.

On the day of your visit to the theatre, you will receive a programme upon cashless payment at the ticket office or bookstall.

Programme sheets with the cast are available for download on the respective page of the production.

We politely ask you not to return booklets that you have had in your hands.

How do you enter the theatre?

Social distancing rules apply when entering the theatre: You must maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m.

Grosse Bühne:
Sectors A-F should use the entrance at Theaterplatz. Sectors G+H enter the theatre via the Balcony entrance and I-L via the Gallery. There will be an additional entrance at Klosterberg for the performance ‹Saint François d’Assise›.

Kleine Bühne:
Please use the entrance at Theaterplatz to enter the theatre.

Please follow the signposts at the entrance. Guests will enter the Schauspielhaus in two groups – left and right.

How do you enter the respective auditorium?

Grosse Bühne:
Your entrance ticket will be scanned contactless at the auditorium door. Please use the correct entrance (as prescribed on the ticket).

Kleine Bühne:
Your entrance ticket will be scanned contactless at the auditorium door.

Your entrance ticket will already be scanned contactless at the foyer door. Please have your ticket ready at the entrance. Entrance to the auditorium is via separate stairs.

Please have your ticket ready so as not to cause delays.

What are the seating arrangements in the auditoriums?

The auditorium is divided into single and double seats and has chessboard seating pattern. The empty seats can be used to store jackets, coats and bags.

Our seating plans have been adapted in line with the official rules and regulations. Maintaining social distance is mandatory and the venues have been split into 100 seat sectors.

Grosse Bühne:
There will be 520 of the 856 seats available; for the opera ‹Saint François d’Assise› 410 of the 856 and for ‹Das Ende der Welt...› 250 of the 856.

Kleine Bühne:
There will be 170 of the 307 seats available.

There will be 250 of the 470 seats available.

As a subscriber, is my ticket safe despite the reduced number of seats?

Yes. That said, we might have to relocate you slightly due to the safe distance rules and regulations. Our protection plan is based on fixed seating plans and a chessboard seating pattern.

What happens if I have a cold?

If you develop a cough, fever or other flu symptoms prior to visiting the theatre, we politely ask you to stay at home. If you test positive in the 14 days after visiting the theatre, please let us know immediately.

What happens if I forget to bring along a face mask?

We are prepared for this eventuality: If you happen to forget your face mask, you can purchase one at the ticket office or at the theatre restaurant for CHF 2 (cashless payment whenever possible).

Can I visit the theatre with friends and family?

Yes, most definitely. Please note, however, that the auditorium is divided into single and double seats. Simply book two groups of two if you want to come along with four people, for example. In this case, there will only be one empty seat between you and your friends or family members.

What if I do not want to take my coat into the auditorium?

Grosse Bühne:
The cloakroom facility is still available. You are urged to follow the markings and to keep a safe distance when waiting.

Kleine Bühne:
The cloakroom facility is closed.

The cloakroom facility in the foyer will remain closed. You can however use one of the hundred lockers in the basement. Please have CHF 2 at the ready.

Is the catering offering still the same?

The theatre restaurant will be open before each performance.

Grosse Bühne:
The catering offering here is spread across various levels and zones without the obligation to wear a face mask. This allows us to avoid large groups of people in the foyer. We recommend booking an interval table at the theatre bar before a performance with an interval.

Kleine Bühne:
During the production ‹Im Flow der Apokalypse›, the bar is part of the walk-in installation on stage.

In the Schauspielhaus, there will only be a limited catering offering. Depending on the number of visitors, the bar may remain closed.

Subject to change

We will continuously adapt and review our protection plan. Subject to change. Last updated on 1 September 2020.

Current information and recommendations concerning the coronavirus pandemic are available at the Bundesamt für Gesundheit. We also recommend that our visitors use the Federal Government’s SwissCovid ap. Further information