Weisse Actress

© Christian Knörr

Nikola Weisse was born in Białogard, in what is now Poland. In 1963, she made her debut as Eve in ‹Der Zerbrochene Krug› at Theater an der Josefstadt in Vienna. Further engagements took her to Staatstheater Hannover, Theater am Neumarkt, Theater Bremen, Schaubühne Berlin, Theater Basel, Schauspielhaus Bochum and Schauspielhaus Zurich. In addition to being an actor, she also worked as a director for various pieces, including ‹Bambule› at Theater Bremen, ‹Der blaue Bol› at Stadttheater Münster and ‹Zerstören sagt sie› at Theater Neumarkt. Nikola's film credits have seen her appear in ‹Der Gehülfe› by Thomas Körfer and in ‹Jack the Ripper› alongside Klaus Kinski. She also spent several years touring with solo programmes and her own productions: ‹Das letzte Tor› based on the novel ‹Nacht der Unschuld›, ‹Madame Thérèse› based on the novel by Blaise Cendrars and ‹Anissija› edited by Leo Tolstoy. In 2014, Nikola received the Swiss Theatre Award ‹Exceptional Actor›. In 2017, she performed in ‹Onkel Wanja› at Schauspielhaus Zurich and played the title role in ‹Der Besuch der alten Dame› at Bühnen Bern. At Winkelwiese in 2019, under the direction of Manuel Bürgin, she staged the evening performance ‹Vaters Aktentasche›, in which Nikola embarks on a journey into her childhood.