Lukas Magnus
Paulsteiner Acting studio

Lukas Magnus Paulsteiner
© Christian Knörr

Lukas Magnus Paulsteiner was born and grew up in the Allgäu pampas in the south of Bavaria. After a childhood of below-average excitement, he attended secondary school with below-average results. As is customary in the countryside, he then completed an apprenticeship in a trade, where he was really good at something for the first time in his life. During his subsequent training as a mechanical engineer, he finally asked himself the momentous question "is that really all there is to life?", whereupon he left behind all his certainties of getting a well-paid job with decent hours and lived on unemployment benefit and selling his soul as a city tour guide in Munich for the two years that followed, during which he auditioned for drama schools. He has been studying acting at Bern University of the Arts since 2021. Together with his fellow students Timur Özkan and Ursula Dolički, he performed his final project 'Im Schatten unseres Hauses' in May 2023. They won the jury's ensemble prize and the students' prize at the national drama student competition. In the 2023/24 season, he will be part of the HKB acting studio at the Basel Theatre.

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