Franck Edmond
Yao alias Gadoukou La Star Artistic team

Franck Edmond Yao alias Gadoukou La Star
© Christian Knörr

Gadoukou la Star, real name Edmond Franck Yao, is an Ivorian choreographer and singer of the Coupé Décalé, expert in modern dance and gymnastics. He has been involved in dance, especially traditional dance, since the age of seven. Gadoukou la Star was trained in the 'Djolem d'Abobo' in 1996. He later became the choreographer of former football player and singer Gadji Celi. In 2002, he was voted best dancer of the African diaspora at the Music Afrique Awards in Paris. As a musical project, he released his own album entitled 'Territoire sacrée' in 2008, on which he released two new concepts that catapulted him into the coupé-décalé of the Ivory Coast. In 2022, he presented his creations with success at Theater Kampnagel Hamburg. In 2023 he was awarded as choreographer at the African Talents Adwards. He will also choreograph part of the 2024 Olympic Games in France as an Afro-dancer.