Morales Circus artist / dancer

Aime Morales
© Christian Knörr

Aimé was born in Venezuela in 1987. At the age of 16, he discovered the world of the circus and fell passionately in love with it. He completed the juggling workshop ‹mas alla de la gravedad›. His first company was called ‹Circotomia Colectivo Juglar›, a street circus collective. After leaving school, he emigrated to Europe with the aim of becoming a professional circus artist. He attended various schools, including Rogelio Rivel (Barcelona), FLIC (Turin) and ESAC (Brussels), where he graduated with distinction with his thesis ‹Ai'moko›. Ai'moko is a clownish character who has made a name for himself in the world of the Cyr wheel. After graduating, he was invited to the ‹festival international de cirque du demian› in 2014 and was awarded the Gold Medal, the French President's Prize, the Audience Award and the RBCircus for his work. At the Nikulin Festival in Moscow in 2015, he won the Bronze Elephant, the Creativity Award and the Circus Planet Award. Today, Aimé works in cabaret and circus in Germany and with various French companies such as Circus Zanzibar and Circus Roncalli. He is also involved in the organisation and development of shows and festivals worldwide and is currently artistic director and managing director of CIRCANARIO, a small, intimate circus that tours the Canary Islands. At Theater Basel, Aimé can be seen for the first time in Martin Zimmermann's family performance ‹Ciao Ciao› during the 2022/23 season.

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