Theater Public

  • Das Theater Basel bei Nacht
    © Ingo Höhn
  • Concept and theatre pedagogy: Patrick Oes
  • Conzept and adaptation: Joël László
  • Project participation: Agostina Di Luciano und Siri Freytag

‹Theaterplatz stories› is the attempt to bring a neighbourhood to life and a community together. We live together as neighbours in many ways in the city; often quite contentedly, even more often unnoticed or disharmoniously. On 21 August 2022, we are going to take the bull by the horns and come right out and question our coexistence. What does Theater Basel mean to the young people on Theaterplatz? Does the theatre discreetly impart an aura of warmth? Or is it simply an unwelcoming, grey building? Or even completely irrelevant? We are going to ask, listen and collect the answers. The young people and the artistic team plan to share the initial conclusions of this neighbourhood survey with the audience on the Grosse Bühne.

Dates follow