State contributions from the two cantons cover infrastructure and staff costs. However, we rely on third-party funding to bring to life our artistic projects. Did you know that we already generate around 23% of our funds, or about CHF 14 m, ourselves? In order to maintain our high quality standards, we are truly grateful for every little bit of support we can get.

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Your donation makes a valuable contribution to making a reality of our vision of a future-oriented Theatre Basel. Your support enables us to implement additional artistic and entrepreneurial projects. Be secure in the knowledge that your full donation goes to Stiftung zur Förderung der Theatergenossenschaft Basel and is tax-deductible in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

Are you a big fan of opera, theatre and/or ballet? Let us know your wishes and we will make sure your donation is used in the way you intend.

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Theater Basel thanks you wholeheartedly for your commitment.

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