Music for 18 musicians

‹Eight Lines› and ‹Music for 18 Musicians› by Steve Reich

  • Recommended age: 10+
  • 1 hour 30 minutes without an intermission
  • Set in motion: Sylvain Groud
  • Musical director: Rémi Durupt
  • Musicians of Orchestre symphonique de Mulhouse and Ensemble Links

A cross-border concert

The concert of Steve Reich's pulsating hypnotic work is met by 100 amateurs from Mulhouse, Fribourg and Basel. French artist Sylvain Groud sets the minimalist classic in motion and invites people from the region to join in. In pre-show workshops, they will discover the power and potential of bodies, movements and gazes. During three performances in Basel, Mulhouse and Fribourg, the tri-national group will become the link between the musicians and the audience, thereby ensuring a collective musical experience. Together they occupy the theatre space – until no one knows who is initiated and who has let themselves be carried away by the music.

In cooperation with La Filature, Mulhouse and Theater Freiburg

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