‹FIT› by Alexander Ekman and a premiere by Andonis Foniadakis
Premiere 26.05.2023

  • One premiere and one assumption from Nederlands Dans Theater 2
  • 1 hour 20 minutes with an intermission
  • Recommended age: 12+

An all-dancing art satire and explosive reality trip

Two energetic iconoclasts meet: the Swedish artist Alexander Ekman, whose gripping stage language was recently on show at Theater Basel in the full-length play ‹Cow›, and the Greek artist Andonis Foniadakis. Despite their classical dance training, the works of the two young choreographers consciously deconstruct ballet conventions, shatter art clichés and shake the foundations of expectation. In ‹FIT› («fit» in the sense of«fitting in»), Alexander Ekman once again questions the workings of the art business: What or who fits into a work of art? And what role do the elements that fail to fit in play? Andonis Foniadakis, on the other hand, devotes his latest creation to true moments and emotions on stage through fast-paced body language.

  • Ballett Theater Basel