Frey Acting Studio

Timur Özkan
© Christian Knörr

Timur Yann Freywas born in Stuttgart in 1998 and grew up there. The summers of childhood were always spent on the Black Sea in Samsun. There was no parental curfew, so youth in the Kesselstadt was savoured to the full. A-levels in 2017, followed by travels through Southern Europe, Turkey, India, USA.
Studied acting at the Bern University of the Arts since 2021. When he sat with Ursula Dolički in the university kitchen at the beginning of his acting studies and the two invisible dogs Brutus and Rupert suddenly appeared, everything was clear: since then the comedy duo has existed and they can be seen in sketches such as 'Miss Titi & Grace' or 'The Rat Teeth Band'. In the play development 'T.G.I.F. - Thank God It's Friday', he and five other comedians attempted to combine sitcom and Pierre Bourdieu. Together with Ursula Dolički and Lukas Paulsteiner, he performed his final project 'Im Schatten unseres Hauses' in May 2023. At the national competition for drama students, they won the jury's ensemble prize and the students' prize with it. In the 23/24 season he is part of the acting studio at Theater Basel.

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