Mwambene Regie

Mbene Mwambene
© Christian Knörr

Mbene Mwambene is a Malawian-ambian and the first African to be granted the privilege of studying the Masters in Expanded Theatre at HKB. His work is mainly focused on postcolonial themes within and outside theatrical settings. Since 2015 he has been directing and acting in pieces like ‹Animal Farm›, ‹Black Gravity Black Healing›, ‹Foot und Chocola›, ‹Die Fürchterlichen Fünf›, ‹The Story of the Tiger›, ‹Zuflucht›, ‹Enjoy Racism›, ‹Tavuka›, ‹Der Prophet Ngunza›, and many more in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Zambia, South Africa, Luxembourg, Japan, Austria, Liechtenstein and Hong Kong. In his latest project, he was seen on the stage of the Schlachthaus Theater in his own work ‹The Whispers› which has been performed in Switzerland, Germany and Canadian. Mbene just completed and international collaboration piece, ‹The Swamps› at Gessneralle and also directed ‹Why are you here› (Warum best du hier) at Maxim Theatre 2022 in Zurich. Mbene will direct ‹Die schwarzen Brüder› at Theatre Basel before directing ‹Sweetsland› at Gessnerallee. He is a curator of ‹The Taxi Driver›, a poetry and music performance. For the recent project ‹Mawazo›, Mwambene collaborated with Ivana Di Salvo who is a Swiss-based Italian author, director and performer. The inception of the concept of the project took several years, also leading a workshop with performers in Tanzania. Mbene is currently showing on ‹Das Bernbuch. Meine weisse Stadt und ich› at Bühnen Bern and also co-leads a youth club at Schauspielerhaus in Zurich.

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