Engelbach Performer

Julius Engelbach
© Christian Knörr

Julius Engelbach was born in Frankenberg an der Eder in 1997. He gained his first stage experience in the theatre group at the Edertalschule Frankenberg. After graduating from high school, he completed the basic training in theatre pedagogy BuT at the Tempus fugit theatre in Lörrach from 2016 to 2018. In addition to directing children's and youth theatre groups, he also performed in a wide variety of in-house productions there, including 'Moby Dick' directed by Karin Massen and 'Und Asche...' by Lea Oltmanns. From 2018, he studied Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen and also performed in many theatre education projects at schools and educational institutions. Since 2020 he has been studying acting at the Bern University of the Arts and was part of the Bern Acting Studio for the 2022/23 season.