Helberger Music

Johannes Helberger
© Christian Knörr

Johannes Helberger is a sound artist, sound experience designer, researcher and lecturer. After more than 20 years of practice in various fields of sound creation and production, he joined the Audio Communication Group at TU Berlin to combine scientific research with design practice. In 2015, he founded kling klang klong, an award-winning studio for sound experiences based in Berlin. Their acoustic work pioneers communication with audiences at the nexus of science, art, and technology. Since 2022, he has been building the Sound Innovation Lab to initiate and execute design, research and development projects in collaboration with stakeholders from industry, academia, policy and research. Today, his work and research focuses on how sound can help improve different areas and aspects of real life. To this end, he explores innovation potentials in the areas of UX design, human-machine interaction, health technology, mobility, inclusive design and sound ecology.