Speckenbach Video

Neutraler Hintergrund
© Christian Knörr

Jan Speckenbach studied art history, philosophy and media art in Munich, Karlsruhe and Paris. In 2000 he moved to Berlin, where he worked in particular at various theatres as a video artist. In 2004 he made his documentary film 'Zeitspuren' about the Berlin Volksbühne. He also began studying film directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). His short film 'Gestern in Eden' was shown in Cannes in 2008, 'Spatzen' won a number of awards a year later and was qualified for the Short Film Oscar. His feature film debut 'Die Vermissten' premiered at the Berlinale in 2012, his second feature film 'Freiheit' in competition at the Locarno Film Festival in 2017. In theatre he has worked with Frank Castorf, Claus Peymann, Sebastian Hartmann, Martin Wuttke, Armin Petras, Sebastian Baumgarten, Milan Peschel, Jan Bosse and Amélie Niermeyer, among others.

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