Der Cora

Der Cora Frost
© Christian Knörr

Cora Frost works as a performer, director, actress and dancer with Hans Kresnik at the Theater im Marstall/Munich, with Hanna Hegenscheidt at the Sophiensäle in Berlin and with film directors Rudolf Thome and Christian Frosch, among others. She founded the duo 'Frost/Thumser', the bands 'Goats go Vegas' and the 'Zucker&Butterband'; the groups 'Brides on the Run', the 'Frostfamilie', the 'Allianz zur Erforschung menschlichen Glücks' and the 'Frostlabor'. She also joined the theatre collective 'Das Helmi', with whom she toured Brazil. She staged 'Die Bucht der dicken Kinder' at the Sophiensälen in Berlin, the performative music evening 'Zeit ist ein Arschloch' at the Ballhaus Ost in Berlin, the play 'Mars Attacks' with the Swiss theatre group Hora and the Helmi in Zurich and Bern, a reconstruction piece about the dancer Anita Berber, the festival 'Männer in Garagen', the solo evening 'Showgirls - Ich bin etwas jähzornig weisst du. That's just my insecurity. Du bist ein liebes Äffchen' at Schauspielhaus Graz as well as 'grosse Vögel, kleine Vögel' after Pier Paolo Pasolini together with Helmi at Ballhaus. Most recently, she staged the immersive music theatre performance 'Insel der Orgeln' in the Sophiensälen. She has toured nationwide with her programme 'Peter Frost & Size 45: Love me - how wolves can change rivers' and other song recitals. In 2017 she launched the festival 'The Future is F*e*m*al*e*'. At Theater Basel she is involved in 'Yopougon Ring' in the 23/24 season.