Advent calendar
Opera, Theatre, Ballet

  • Eine Szene aus Don Pasquale
  • Eine Szene aus Don Karlos
  • From 1 - 23 December 2023
  • Mon - Sun 17:00-17:30 in the foyer
  • Admission free, collection

From 1 to 23 December, we will surprise you every day in the foyer with a new contribution from opera, theatre, ballet and cooperation partners.
You can find out what's behind the next 'door' at the ticket office on the day in question or via our SMS messenger from 18:00 on the day before!

There is standing and seated seating. Admission is free, but the number of seats is limited. Donations will be collected for our participation programme 'One more'.

The theatre café is open ‹quietly› during the Advent calendar.

Our Messenger keeps you informed about what's going on at Foyer Public. In December, you can find out what's hiding behind the next door of the Advent calendar via Messenger before anyone else. Register now and receive the programme directly on your mobile phone.

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