Drama by Richard Strauss
Text by Richard Strauss after Oscar Wilde's tragedy

Last performance 31.03.2023

  • Eine Szene aus Salome
  • Eine Szene aus Salome
  • Eine Szene aus Salome

  • 1 hour 45 minutes without an intermission
  • Recommended age: 12+
  • In deutscher Sprache
  • Mit deutschen Übertiteln / with English surtitles

Psychic profile of a dysfunctional family

Princess Salome is obsessed with the mysterious prophet Jokanaan. All she wants to do is kiss his mouth. When Jokanaan turns down her advances, Salome, demands from her stepfather, King Herod, the unthinkable: the head of the prophet on a silver platter. Herbert Fritsch stages the obsessions of the characters as a grotesque family constellation somewhere between dance of death and delirium. Heather Engebretson's intense and widely acclaimed portrayal of the title role can be heard and seen for the first time at Theater Basel.

Heather Engebretson portrays Salome with such touching intensity, sense of phrasing, body language and expressive gestures that are very rarely seen in either theatre or opera.

Co-production with Luzerner Theater and Nationaltheater Mannheim


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