Guélat Artistin

Eline Guelat
© Christian Knörr

Eline Guélat will always surprise you with her wacky characters ready for any challenge: Chinese pole, cyrwheel, contortion, clown, dance, acrobatics, plus much more. Eline just cannot stop creating and recreating, learning and surprising, playing and entertaining. As a young child and active dreamer, she was drawn into the universe of Zirkus Chnopf. At the age of 15, she fulfilled her childhood dream and joined the Swiss-German circus troupe for a summer tour. Her vocation was truly confirmed: Two years later, the Swiss artist decided to go to the National Circus School of Montreal to train her somewhat atypical body. It was at this school that she developed her own unique techniques to express herself through the circus arts as she pleases. After graduating in 2019, Eline burst onto the stage of Circus Monti as a multidisciplinary clown. She subsequently showed off her acrobatic talents in ‹Les 7 doigts de la main› before performing for young audiences in ‹La marche du crabe›. Together with her partner, Vincent Jutras, she has founded ‹La Croustade›, a company for all kinds of circus techniques. Eline and Vincent have embarked on this new adventure in order to create original, innovative and open-minded works that fulfil their artistic visions. In the 2022/23 season, Eline will be performing for the first time at Theater Basel in Martin Zimmermann's family play ‹Ciao Ciao›.

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