van Opstal Choreographie

Imre van Opstal und Marne van Opstal
© Rahi Rezvani

Marne van Opstal, born in Velden, the Netherlands, in 1990, completed his dance training at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He danced at NDT 2 from 2009 to 2012 and at NDT 1 from 2012 to August 2020. Marne won the Limburg Culture Prize 2011, The Evening of the Young Dancer 2009 (NTR TV) and the Berlin Special Prize at Tanzolymp 2004.

Alongside his sister, Imre van Opstal, he also works as a choreographer.
Building on their success as dancers, the two have started their own choreography business. In their collaborative work, they explore human conditions and the limits and possibilities of the body and mind. Their work is characterised by its multi-layered, surreal and forthright dance style, eclecticism and theatricality. In 2019, they created ‹Take Root› for NDT 1, which was nominated for a Swan Award for Best Dance Production 2019. Their latest work ‹Baby don't hurt me› for NDT 1, which explores identity, sexuality, gender and love, has received critical acclaim. Marne and Imre also collaborated on ‹Eye Candy› for Rambert Dance Company and ‹The little man› for Nationaltheater Mannheim. In the 2022/23 season, their choreographic style can be experienced for the first time at Theater Basel in the double bill evening ‹Imbalanced Parallels›.

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