Abteilung Leben

By Christoph Marthaler

Première 02.06.2023

  • Only 13 performances in 4 weeks
  • Premiere
  • Recommended age: 10+

Office scenes

Christoph Marthaler invites the audience of Theater Basel to a short trip across the cantonal border to Birsfelden. The journey is basically over before it has begun - less than ten minutes on the tram from Bankverein. However, it could be worth your while, since Marthaler and his ensemble receive their guests where human existence is channelled into meaningful avenues: at the local government office Abteilung Leben in Birsfelden! Turning public spaces into theatrical venues was Christoph Marthaler's great passion when he began staging such events back in the late '80s. In Basel and Zürich, he put on shows in town squares, pharmacies, town halls, car parks and train stations. Marthaler has frequently returned to his roots over the years for various projects.

Thank you!

With the kind support of the Gönnerkreis Theater Basel

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