Wilhelm Troll

An expulsion of facts by Lasse Koch

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  • Premiere
  • 1 hour 50 minutes without an intermission
  • Recommended age: 16+

A white man sees red

Emerging from between the various zones of the Internet, Troll steps onto the political stage. For instance, as a head of state from trash TV, who battles refugees with crocodiles and hurricanes with nuclear weapons. He appears as a right-leaning hipster, whose love of his beard is as strong as his hatred of different-minded people. Troll is seen as being non-conformist. He creates chaos, but never meant any harm. Committed to the truth and nothing but the truth, he is the ruination of all objectivity. Together with other hard-nosed white men, he whines about his lost privileges. Troll appears to be stuck in the past – but is as modern as it gets. In this project, Lasse Koch and Jörg Pohl address the figure of a backward-looking revolutionary who calls for an all-out attack on the democratic status quo.