Park Director

© Christian Knörr

Bonn Park, born in Berlin in 1987, is a director and author. Together with Ben Rössler, he developed the operas ‹Drei Milliarden Schwestern› at Volksbühne Berlin, ‹Gymnasium› at Volkstheater Munich and ‹Rückkehr zu den Sternen› at Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. Further, he has worked in Hamburg, Barcelona, Beijing, Belgrade and Seoul, to name just a few places. His plays have been performed worldwide and translated into more than 10 languages. Bonn has won various prizes and awards, including Stückemarkt of Berlin Theatertreffen 2017 with ‹Das Knurren der Milchstrasse› and the Friedrich Luft Prize 2019 for ‹Drei Milliarden Schwestern›, for which he was also named Young Director of the Year in the theatre magazine Theater heute. His play ‹Das Deutschland› was nominated for the 2020 Mühlheim Dramatist Award. This was followed in 2022 by renewed invitations to the Berlin Autor:innentheatertage and radikal jung in Munich, and a nomination for the Berlin Theatertreffen with his work ‹Gymnasium›.

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