Gaudard Actress

Katja Gaudard
© Christian Knörr

Katja Gaudard was born in Basel and trained as a dancer at Centre de Danse Rosella Hightower in Cannes. After working in Aix-en-Provence, Strasbourg, Paris, Berlin and London, she joined Horst Statkus at Luzerner Theater. She now works as a dancer and actor, both as a freelancer and in permanent stints. At Schauspiel Hannover, Katja works with the directors Lars Ole Walburg, Claudia Bauer, Heike Maria Götze, Tom Kühnel, Felicitas Brucker, Martin Laberenz, Mina Salehpour, Lukasz Twarkowsky and Anna Bergmann. She has been living in Berlin since 2019 and was a member of the ensemble of Volksbühne Berlin until July 2021, where she continues to work with Claudia Bauer, Lucia Bihler, Thorleifur Örn Arnasson and Alexander Eisenach and has developed and created a cinematic travel diary with the Narrenschiff ensemble. The idea was triggered by an empty and unused Volksbühne during the Covid-19 pandemic. Katja can currently be seen at Staatsschauspiel Dresden in productions by Michael Talke and Tom Kühnel and is involved in research work being carried out by Sebastian Blasius and Björn SC Deigner. Since 2017, she has maintained a collaboration with the musician and producer Lyhre. As Kat & Lyhre, they are developing the first version of ‹Schatten des Verhängnisses› based on Judith Butler's ‹The Force of Nonviolence› at Volksbühne. ‹Die Perser› is her first work at Theater Basel.

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