Manthey Costume Designer

Neutraler Hintergrund
© Christian Knörr

Sina Manthey, born in Hamburg in 1991, initially studied fine arts with John Bock and gained a scholarship to the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles in 2013. While studying art, she began sitting in for stage designer Janina Audick, and then assisted her regularly until 2018. In 2015, Sina was a guest student in scenography at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. As part of her Master's degree at Hamburg University of Music and Performing Arts, she was awarded a Master's scholarship and received funding for her travelling stage project ‹bandwagon›. Together with Marlene Lockemann, Sina developed two parts of Christiane Rösinger's political musical trilogy at HAU in Berlin. For her theatre collective Ciao Now, she came up with stage designs for productions in Lithuania, Berlin, Leipzig, at Schauspiel Hannover and Volkstheater München, in addition to the set design for a 90-minute theatre feature film that premiered at Hofer Filmtage 2020. In 2021, she worked for the first time with Milena Michalek at the feminist Kosmos Theater in Vienna. The joint production ‹Koralli Korallo› was invited to the Autor:innentheatertage 2022 at Deutsches Theater. Sina is currently working on the costume design for Bonn Park's new play for the season opening at Theater Basel.

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