1. Scope of application


The general terms and conditions of business govern the legal relationships between Theatergenossenschaft Basel (hereinafter referred to as: ‹Theater Basel›) and visitors to Theater Basel. The general terms and conditions of business are deemed to have been accepted upon purchase of a ticket or a subscription. For subscribers, the terms and conditions of subscription apply in addition and insofar as they do not object to these general terms and conditions of business.


The general terms and conditions of business of Theater Basel also apply to third-party events held at Theater Basel (external organisers). Any deviating agreements between external organisers and visitors require the express prior consent of Theater Basel.

2. Advance sales, orders, reservations and purchases


The dates of advanced sales are published regularly on the Theater Basel website.


Advanced sales are only available through Theater Basel and its cooperation partners.


Theater Basel reserves the right to limit the number of tickets per person. This provision also applies to tickets purchased online.


If Theater Basel sends tickets/season tickets to the purchaser/subscriber, they are sent at the purchaser's/subscriber's own risk. Theater Basel is not obliged to pay compensation in the event of delayed delivery, damage, loss or the like. Theater Basel charges a fee of CHF 5 for shipping, which is invoiced together with the ticket price. Tickets can be sent by post up to five working days before the respective performance.


Phone and written orders for tickets (including email requests) are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. They are considered provisional reservations, provided they have been confirmed, either in writing or verbally, by Theater Basel, and only become binding upon payment. The reserved tickets are held for up to fourteen days from the date of reservation. If the ticket is reserved only fourteen days before the performance, the reservation remains valid until two days before the performance. It is also possible to purchase tickets by phone and pay for them by credit card. Uncollected tickets are non-refundable.


Any resale of purchased tickets for commercial use or commercial intent is strictly prohibited without the express prior consent of Theater Basel. This also applies to their duplication, modification or adaptation. Tickets, VIP packages or VIP tickets may not be used in advertising directed to the general public and/or in prize draws without the express prior consent of Theater Basel. Advertising tickets for sale privately or (re)selling tickets is also strictly prohibited.

3. Conclusion of contract for tickets purchased online / print@home and mobile ticket


Discounts and vouchers can only be claimed online to a limited extent. Ticket holders must show their entitlement to the discount at the entrance without being asked.


The number of available seats for online orders is limited to the seats marked as available on the Internet. Theater Basel reserves the right to change the seating plan and to allocate other (equivalent or better) seats to the customer if the changes made mean that the booked seat(s) is/are no longer available.

3.4 print@home and mobile ticket; electronic delivery; printout


The purchase agreement between the ticket holder and Theater Basel is concluded upon successful completion of a credit card payment.


Once the online order process has been completed, the customer receives the ordered e-ticket via their personal user account. The customer can then either print out the e-ticket in PDF format (print@home) or download the ticket to their mobile phone (mobile ticket). After receiving the electronic version of the print@home ticket, the ticket holder prints it out in its original size on a sheet of A4 plain white paper or saves the mobile ticket on their mobile phone. The ticket holder acknowledges that it is their responsibility and risk to have all the technical equipment available that is necessary for receipt and correct printout of the ticket.


The printed out print@home ticket should be kept in a safe and secure place up until the event, as damaged, altered, unreadable or incomplete tickets may slow down or even prevent admission to the event. If the print@home ticket is damaged, altered, unreadable or incomplete, the ticket holder is not entitled to admission to the event or to a refund of the price paid.


The admission code on the mobile phone must be of sufficient quality to be read by the scanner. Damaged touch screens can make it difficult or impossible to recognise the code. If the code cannot be scanned, Theater Basel reserves the right to refuse admission without refunding the price paid. Admission may also be refused if the visitor does not have their mobile phone with them or if the mobile phone is unable to display the mobile ticket for any other reason.


Any duplication, modification, adaptation or resale of both paper and electronic tickets is strictly prohibited.


Online tickets can usually be booked up to two hours before the event starts.

4. Theatre programme and starting times; cancellation or changes to a performance


Theater Basel may cancel or abandon a performance or replace it with a performance of another work and change the date, time, venue or cast of a performance, even after the start of advance sales, for reasons beyond its control. In the event of changes to a performance, cancellation of a performance or changes to the starting time or venue, Theater Basel will attempt to inform visitors as soon as possible. Theater Basel shall accept no responsibility for any information displayed on posters and in other publications (e.g. press).


If a performance is cancelled, abandoned or replaced with the performance of another work for reasons beyond the control of Theater Basel, or if the date of a performance is changed, the customer is entitled to a refund of the price paid (excluding any booking fees) if they do not attend the said performance. A refund must be claimed within ten days. This time period begins on the day on which the performance should have taken place according to the theatre programme valid at the time of purchase.


In the event of changes to the cast, the starting time or the venue of a performance for reasons beyond the control of Theater Basel, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the price paid.
Any further liability on the part of Theater Basel is excluded; in particular, any liability for consequential damages.

5. Opening hours


The ticket office and telephone box office service are open at the times indicated in Theater Basel publications.


The box office opens one hour before the start of the respective performance. The box office predominantly sells tickets for the evening performance. The box office always closes at the start of the performance.

6. Admission prices


Various seating plans and price categories exist for events at Theater Basel, depending on the actual venue and event. Extra fees may be charged for selected events (e.g. special events, guest performances). Deviating admission prices are also possible for events organised by third parties at Theater Basel.


The applicable admission and subscription prices can be found in Theater Basel publications. The prices valid at the time of agreement conclusion shall apply.


The cloakroom fee is included in the ticket price or the subscription price.

7. Gift vouchers


Theatre Basel gift vouchers are valid for two years from the date of issue and can only be used for events held at Theater Basel.

8. Concessions


Concessions will be available to eligible groups of people upon proof of entitlement to concessions.


Concessionary tickets are limited to one ticket per person per performance upon proof of entitlement to concessions. Individual concessions cannot be cumulated. The concessions do not apply to any fees and extra charges pursuant to Clause 6.1.


Concessions can be changed at any time by Theater Basel. DTheater Basel is also entitled to limit or exclude the use of concessionary tickets for certain venues, events and price categories.


The concessions can be found in Theater Basel publications.

9. Returning tickets


Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged after purchase. Theater Basel will not be liable to pay any compensation for expired tickets. This also applies in the event of late admission pursuant to Clause 12.3. Further claims for damages are strictly excluded.


In all other respects, Clause 4 shall apply.

10. Loss of tickets


The ticket holder is responsible for their ticket until the event starts and bears all the risks and responsibilities associated with misplaced, stolen or damaged tickets. If a ticket is misplaced or damaged to an extent that it is no longer legible, the ticket will only be replaced by Theater Basel subject to proof of purchase or if the ticket holder can credibly demonstrate which ticket they purchased, giving precise details of the allocated seat. Theater Basel reserves the right to charge a fee for issuing replacement tickets, season tickets, etc.


If both the original ticket and a replacement ticket are presented for the same seat by different visitors, the holder of the original ticket has priority over the holder of the replacement ticket. In this case, the replacement ticket does not entitle the holder to a different seat. Theater Basel shall not check whether the holder of the original ticket is in legal possession of it.

11. Data privacy


Theater Basel will collect basic data, such as the name, address, phone number and email address, of the ticket buyer and, in the case of payment by credit card, also their credit card details ("personal customer data") to ensure the ticket purchasing experience is as simple and as smooth as possible. An exception to this is the case of purchasing tickets via the online portal. In this case, payment is managed by Datatrans (swiss e-payment competence) so long as the purchaser expressly agrees to this.


Theater Basel processes personal customer data in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act. Theater Basel processes, uses and stores personal customer data if and to the extent that this is necessary or useful for the purpose of providing services and, in particular, selling tickets, maintaining operational integrity, operating and maintaining the website and invoicing and collecting payments for services. Besides personal customer data, Theater Basel shall also store the date of order and the date of delivery for the purpose of internal administration and analysis.
As part of the overall service, Theater Basel uses the data to inform you about the booked event, any changes to the programme or performance cancellations, etc. If you have provided Theater Basel with your address or email address when purchasing a theatre ticket, Theater Basel reserves the right to use this data to advertise other performances, unless you have objected to the use of your data for this purpose. You may object to the use of your data at any time by sending an email with the subject "Marketing" to: service@vom.theater-basel.ch or a letter to Theater Basel, Besuchsservice, Postfach, CH-4010 Basel.

The ticket buyer acknowledges and expressly consents to Theater Basel using their personal customer data concerning them within the context of the aforesaid business activities. The personal customer data will not be passed on to third parties.

12. Admission to performances


The foyers usually open one hour before the performance starts.


A valid ticket or season ticket and, in the case of concessionary tickets, corresponding proof of entitlement to concessions must be shown to door staff upon request. The validity of tickets is checked using electronic scanners.


There is no right to admission once the performance has started.
If compatible with the security arrangements and the interests of the participating artists and fellow audience members, latecomers may be admitted at a time determined by the artistic director. However, latecomers are not entitled to the seat that they have purchased or been allocated.
The instructions of door staff regarding the time of admission and the available seat must be followed.

13. Cloakroom


Cloakroom items (coats, umbrellas, large bags and bulky objects) must not be taken into the auditorium but left with a cloakroom assistant.


Upon presentation of the cloakroom ticket or entrance ticket/season ticket, cloakroom items will be returned to the holder of the cloakroom ticket or entrance ticket/season ticket without any further checks being made. Mixed up, damaged or misplaced items must be immediately reported to a cloakroom assistant.


Without a cloakroom ticket or entrance ticket/season ticket, cloakroom items may only be returned if the visitor can prove or credibly demonstrate that they are the owner of the items.


Upon acceptance of the cloakroom ticket or entrance ticket/season ticket, Theater Basel shall not be liable for damage to or loss of items stored except for damage or loss caused by intent or gross negligence of cloakroom assistants. Liability is always limited to the current value of the items stored. Theater Basel shall not be liable for consequential damages and lost profit. Items excluded from liability are identity cards and documents of all kinds, credit cards, cash, keys and valuables such as jewellery, electronic devices, etc., especially if these items are left in coat pockets or bags. All these items are left at the visitor's own risk.

14. Lost and found


Any items found on the premises of Theater Basel must be handed in to door staff or cloakroom assistants. Lost items should be immediately reported to door staff or cloakroom assistants.


Lost and found items will be kept at the Theater Basel ticket office until the end of the respective season. At the end of the season, the items will be handed over to the city's lost and found office.

15. Venue rights


Theater Basel is entitled to act within its legal rights at all its venues.
Theater Basel reserves the right to refuse admission and re-entry or to take other suitable measures within its legal powers. Theater Basel may request a ticket holder to leave the theatre and take appropriate action to enforce this right if the ticket holder's behaviour is causing a disturbance to other customers, to staff or the performance, or the ticket holder has otherwise repeatedly or significantly violated the general terms and conditions of business or the terms and conditions of subscription. Admission may be refused if there is reasonable suspicion that the visitor will disrupt the performance or be a nuisance to other visitors. The ticket price is strictly non-refundable in these cases.


Visitors have a right only to the seat stated on their ticket. If they take a seat that is not stated on their ticket, Theater Basel reserves the right to charge them the higher amount or request them to leave the performance.


Mobile phones, pagers and any other electronic equipment must be switched off before entering the auditorium.


Food items and beverages and their consumption are strictly prohibited inside the auditorium.


Theater Basel is a no-smoking venue.


In event of a fire or other hazardous situations, visitors must leave the building immediately, without stopping, through the marked exits and emergency exits. Personal belongings will not be returned from the cloakroom in these cases. Staff instructions must be followed carefully.

16. Filming and sound recordings


The use of filming and sound recording equipment is strictly prohibited to prevent the violation of copyright and personal rights. Any infringements will give rise to a claim for damages.


In the event of infringements, door staff are entitled to confiscate filming and recording equipment, while excluding all liability, and to retain them until the end of the performance. The visitor may be excluded from attending the performance. Recording equipment of any kind on which parts of the performance have been recorded will be confiscated and kept by Theater Basel. They will be returned to the owner if the owner has agreed to the prior deletion of the recordings.


Theater Basel records certain performances as visual and/or audio content. For this purpose, Theater Basel reserves the right to change the seating plan (see Clause 3.3). In the event that visual and/or audio recordings are made during a public performance by persons authorised to do so, visitors agree that by purchasing the ticket their words, images and/or actions may be filmed or recorded and that these recordings may be published or exploited without entitlement to remuneration.

17. Liability


Theater Basel shall not be liable for damages of any kind suffered by a visitor on the premises of Theater Basel except for damage or loss caused by intent or gross negligence of its representatives and their vicarious agents. Theater Basel shall not be liable for consequential damages and lost profit. Liability for injury to life, body or health shall remain unaffected insofar as it concerns typically foreseeable damage.

18. Applicable law / Place of performance and jurisdiction


The law of Switzerland shall be applicable. The place of performance and jurisdiction is Basel.

19. Amendments to the general terms and conditions of business


Theater Basel reserves the right to adapt and amend the general terms and conditions of business at any time.

20. Effective date


These general terms and conditions of business came into force on 1 October 2014 and fully superseded the previously applicable general terms and conditions of business.

21. Final clause


Should one of the provisions of these general terms and conditions of business be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions of these general terms and conditions of business which shall remain in full force and effect.

Theater Basel