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Premiere Spielplan Ensemble


Premiere Spielplan Ensemble


Premiere Spielplan Ensemble
  • ‹Jimged› Ary Sendy Trisdiarto

    ‹Jimged› Ary Sendy Trisdiarto

    (b. 1978, Jakarta, Indonesia) graduated from Photography Program, Faculty of Film and Television, Jakarta Institute of Arts. He is interested to consumption patterns in urban life, in accordance with the rapid and inevitable world changes. Jimged noted and observed these things through social, political, geographic, and historical scientific lenses. A variety of image-recording actions is embodied in his artistic practice. With this disciplinary he framed the results of his observations and offered a viewpoint that demands our understanding of the power constellation in our living space today. A number of exhibitions that Jimged has participated in are; Pekan Seni Media: Local Genius, in Taman Budaya Palu, Central Sulawesi, 2018; OK Pangan: OK Video—Indonesia Media Arts Festival, in Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jakarta, 2017; with Julia Sarisetiati in What Does Art Do?, Gwangju Biennale, South Korea, 2016; 125.660 Specimens of Natural History, in Galeri Salihara, Jakarta, 2015; REGENARASI, ARTE Indonesia Art Festival, Jakarta, 2014; City_net Asia, Seoul Museum of Art (SEMA), South Korea, 2011; Beastly, in Cemeti Art House Yogyakarta, 2011; and Post-Psychadelia, Selasar Soenaryo Art Space, Bandung. He once held a solo exhibition titled Slimmer, in RURU Gallery, Jakarta, 2008, curated by Ade Darmawan. At the end of 2018, his solo exhibition titled Daur Amanat was exhibited at RUBANAH Underground-Hub, Jakarta, curated by Grace Samboh.

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